Inspire Innovation with


Our vision is to inspire innovation and to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our mission is to
provide a comprehensive, science-based development of individual creativity and corporate
innovation that empowers our clients to achieve their most ambitious goals.

In today’s volatile and hypercompetitive world, organizations need to outsmart their competitors on a regular basis. As creativity is a fuel to innovation, corporations cannot be great at innovating if their employees’ creativity is neglected. Science suggests creativity can be assessed and trained. This is why we developed IMAGINO®. Based on cutting-edge research, IMAGINO® assessment, our proprietary, scientifically valid, digital tool, measures individual creativity and corporate innovation climate strengths and gaps. The assessment discovers who are the most creative employees within organization, and more importantly, identified creativity gaps of each employee are addressed and closed via bespoke, individual coaching sessions. The final goal is that every employee within a corporation unlocks his/her full creativity potential. The IMAGINO® assessment results also identify gaps in the corporate innovation climate of teams and departments, which are then closed through tailored training sessions. The final goal is to help organizations sustainably grow and outperform their competitors.


How organizations benefit from IMAGINO®

Elevating idea flow and originality

for creating new products, services, and processes

Innovative solutions for corporate challenges

supporting organizations to devise unconventional solutions to corporate challenges, which foster agility

Identifying creative champions

IMAGINO® identifies the most creative employees on a personal and team level within an organization

Reimagining the future

making strategic reinvention for a competitive advantage

Cultivating innovation culture and attracting talent

by nurturing a strong culture of innovation, it leads to attracting top talent

Building unconventional competitive advantage

IMAGINO® enables corporations to build a spectacular and unconventional competitive advantage over industry peers

Nurturing a growth mindset and engagement

by stimulating a growth mindset, corporations have stronger employee engagement, adaptability, and resilience 

Furthering innovation through enhanced creativity

IMAGINO® results and individual coaching boost individual levels of creativity, unlocking new ways of organizational growth

Strategic recruiting with IMAGINO® 

IMAGINO® serves as a valuable tool for recruiting top talent, by identifying candidates with a high level of creativity competencies